Intelligent Programming For Artificial Networks

NeuralCom is a computer software company. Our programmers are tasked with the creation of the software, which will autonomously integrate real-time battlefield information from a variety of disparate military data network sources.

Utilizing a new order of digital intelligence, our software will accomplish the following:

  1. Reduce fog-of-war conditions, which often result in injury or unnecessary loss of life for our military men and women.
  2. Provide real-time tactical and strategic analysis of battlefield conditions so as to provide actionable, real-time course of action analysis to our military leaders.
  3. Enhance battlefield Command and Control through more efficient management of battlefield information.
  4. Make warfare LESS hazardous for our side and MORE hazardous for the enemy.
  5. Reduce or eliminate tactical and strategic 'oversight', which could otherwise result in a tactical or strategic advantage for the enemy.
  6. The system being developed will also provide MANY other critical services for the warfighter.
The new order of digital intelligence that is being created, enables the system to solve dynamic problem spaces based on real-time sensory input, while enhancing the battlefield Command and Control capabilities of our military leaders.

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